Legal Provisions

FACEN’s regulations

Direct admission and transfer (in Spanish)
Code of ethics (in Spanish)
Environmental policy (in Spanish)
Academic regulations (in Spanish)

UNA’s regulations

UNA’s Status (in Spanish)
Resolution No. 06-00-2016, Act No. 4 (A.S. No. 4/24/08/2016) by which modifies the UNA’s status (in Spanish)
Progress of the study and adoption of the UNA’s Statute * (in Spanish)
The UNA’s policy (in Spanish)
General rules of postgraduate course (in Spanish)
Scholarship regulation (in Spanish)
General rules of University Extension (in Spanish)
Resolution No. 0740-00-2016, Act No. 20 of the Council Superior University, approves the regulation of presentation of monographs, articles and scientific research and books (in Spanish)

* Updated

General regulations

National Constitution (in Spanish)
Public Service Act (in Spanish)
Law of universities (in Spanish)
Higher education Act (in Spanish)