The Academic Direction seeks to contribute permanently to the quality of education, aiming at the academic excellence that characterizes the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción.


– Participate in the planning, integration and implementation of academic activities for the achievement of institutional purposes.

– To contribute to the improvement of the quality of education through technical assistance to the Dean’s office by encouraging and centralizing the evaluation and modernization of curricula and study plans undertaken by departments in accordance with institutional policy and the intensification of training and Teacher improvement

– Provide pedagogical support to students.

– Library and internet service to expand the knowledge.

– Use of information technology in the educational process.


– Prepare, with the participation of  departments’ directions, the annual academic and educational evaluation program, containing the schedule of activities for the revision and updating of curricula and study plans, academic development programs and teaching mechanisms of evaluation and the process of teaching and learning in a comprehensive manner and submit them to the dean.

– Prepare, together with the department directors, and approve the class schedules and the schedules of partial and final exams for each academic period.

– Assign classrooms and laboratories for classes, exams and other events according to requests received.

– Organize and supervise the good functioning and permanent updating of the Data Bank that integrates and interrelates information from the academic field.

– Issue opinions related to matters within its competence according to the established provisions that contribute to the fulfillment of the duties entrusted.


– Department of Management and Academic Archives.

– Division of Management and Teaching Archive.

– Pedagogical Support Unit.

– Library and Internet Division.

– Informatics Laboratory Division.


– Implementation of the Student Perception Survey on Teaching Performance.

– Participation in the revision of the document on follow-up of entrants 2001-2005.

– Participation in the adaptation of regulations and construction of procedures that integrate and interrelate the activities of the academic field.

– Retroactive systematization of the grades in the computer academic system.

– Implementation of interlibrary loans and integration of the Consultative Council of the Network of Libraries of the UNA.