Created in 1998, it is a joint effort of several universities from Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Bolivia for the exchange of regular students, with the goal of encouraging them to pursue their studies in a university abroad for one semester, with prior commitment from their universities of origin to acknowledge the credits obtained during the mobility at the time of their return.

Through this program, since 2007 FACEN seeks to encourage the knowledge of the various cultures and particularities of the educational systems from other countries.

Goals of the Program

a.  Promoting and strengthening the process of construction of a common regional academic space through student mobility, with the conviction that through the interaction among students and professors from various universities and countries, not only cultural and academic exchanges will be fostered, but also greater awareness of the diversity and particularities of the different higher education systems in place.

b.  Contributing to the internationalization of higher education in the region, through the construction of an extended international space for student exchange and mobility.

c.  Contributing to the development of an international experience in order to enrich the training of the students, as well as the strengthening of institutions through the establishment of strategic alliances and the development of Exchange activities among the universities that participate in the AUGM.

d. Contributing to the deepening of the ties among the faculty members that participate in the academic coordination of the Program, which is the basis for the formulation and execution of new cooperation initiatives for the better development of higher education in the region.

Universities that are members of AUGM


Requirements to apply to the Undergraduate Student Mobility Program AUGM

– Being a regular student of any of the undergraduate programs of FACEN.

– Having 40% of subjects approved.

– Having a GPA of 3 (out of 5) or higher.

– Being younger than 30 years old.

Documentation to be presented in order to apply

– Copy of ID document

– Copy of grade records where the GPA and the passed subjects are specified.

– Letter of motivation, where the applicant explains why they want to participate in the program, how it will benefit them, and why they consider it important to study abroad for an academic period. The letter must be addressed to Prof.  MSc. Jorge Velázquez López, Head of the Department of External Relations and Diffusion.

– Application form

Positions for 2017

Universities AUGM AREA 1st semester 2nd semester
UFSC (Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina – Brasil)UNICAMP (Universidad Estadual de Campinas) Biotecnología 1 (No vacancy)
Production Technology 1 (No vacancy)


Info and Contact

Asociación Universitaria Grupo Montevideo, AUGM

Direction of External Relations and Diffusion
Phone: (595 21) 585 600 Ext. 238