The University Library its a functional unit, which supports teaching and research.
It is made up of all the bibliographic, documentary and audiovisual resources.


The fundamental mission of the library is to offer designed services for learning, teaching, research and extracurricular activities that allow an integral develop of the university community.  Linked to the network of libraries of the UNA actively, offering services to the university community and participating in the Paraguayan library event.  Objectives Its main objective is the access to scientific, technical and professional information that support teaching, learning, research, management and university extension. At the same time, it is an instrument for university diffusion, through the extension of its services, to other institutions of higher education and to the public.


-Provide a quality service to the entire university community for the search of information, training, research and cultural activities.

-Create complementary services and promote the use of all existing sources, inside and outside the library, in order to improve the quality of teaching and university research.

-Define policies, standards and procedures for their better functioning.

– Advising on thesis works, for students of masters.


Click on the following link for direct download:  reglamento_biblioteca

Information and Contact

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.