Since the creation of the Instituto de Ciencias, then Instituto de Ciencias Básicas, now Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, existed and there is a need to manage  the resources of the institution. In that order, our House of Studies counted from its beginnings with the figure of the position of Administrative Director and / or Spinner, person designated to perform the functions of coordination and administrative and financial management, who accompanied by a group of administrative staff led and takes the work of being support to the reason of being of our House of Studies. Thus, this position was performed with great commitment, care and responsibility in turn by Mr. Saturnino González, Mr. Roberti Daniel González, Mr. Genaro Líder Ojeda, Mr. Rosemarie Medina de Carreras, Mr. Sinforiano Britos Medina, and currently already with the denomination of Financial Administrative Director Prof. Lic. Victor H. Galeano Olivera. It is important to note that the ordering and formalization of the administrative structure with its dependencies and functions was given by the management of Prof. Lic. Constantino Nicolás Guefos K., MAE.


To manage and appropriately plan the use of the institution’s economic resources and to collaborate with the units of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales in the proper administration of the human, financial and material resources approved in the General Budget, through the establishment of dynamic organizational schemes and systems that contribute to improved operational efficiency and compliance with the objectives and goals of institutional plans, programs and functions.


– Plan, coordinate and control the economic resources necessary for the proper functioning of the institution in accordance with the mission, strategic plans, budget and established objectives.

– Direct, coordinate and supervise the activities of the departments in charge according to the established operational plans.

– Establish the policy, rules and procedures of transactions in the different sectors of the institution and supervise the implementation and maintenance of these procedures.

– To make projections and plans in the short and medium term, in the financial aspects, of collections and expenditures, for the timely decision making.

– Support the pedagogical units and centers in the definition of the annual budget and in the monitoring of the budget execution. Take the necessary measures to fulfill the budget.


1. Department of Treasury

2. Budget Department

3. Accounting Department

          * Division of Heritage

          * Drug Store Division

          * Warehouse Division of Consumer Goods and Consumption

4. UOC Department

5. Department of Human Resources

6. Department of Maintenance and Services

          * Cleaning Division

          * Maintenance Division

          * Transportation Division