From the Admission Direction we strengthen and admit future students with solid preparation, for their good performance within the careers to which they apply, assisting them in the process of information, admission and enrollment to different careers offered by the Faculty.

To facilitate access to the degree programs chosen by the candidates, provided that these meet the required academic conditions and have the required documentation, thus guaranteeing a process of transparent admission and quality in accordance with current legal regulations.

The FACEN offers two types of Admission: Presential and Semi-Presential in two different periods during the year.


Select the participants of the different presential and semi-presential courses offered by FACEN.


Its main basis is to regulate the System of Admission to the degree courses, in presential mode of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the Universidad Nacional of Asunción.


– The Admission Direction will be in charge of planning, organizing, administering and evaluating the CPGP and the entrance examination in each period.

– Plan, organize and evaluate pre-degree and / or admission courses.

– Ensure higher education and training according to the curricula that are part of undergraduate courses.

– To stimulate the integral formation of undergraduate students.

– Assign tasks to the staff and verify their correct compliance

– Plan, organize and evaluate Courses Workshops, Talks, Seminars and Conferences on complementary knowledge and / or update, addressed to the teachers of undergraduate courses.

– Propose the necessary changes for the improvement of the curricula of the undergraduate course.

– Evaluate staff performance.

– To organize with the Academic Direction the rational use of the classrooms and physical spaces related to the activities of the undergraduate courses.

– Plan, organize and evaluate the process of admission of students through the entrance examinations.

– Convening specialized teachers in each subject to teach.

– Propose readjustments of the fees of the Undergraduate Courses, Entrance Examinations and hourly payments to the professors contracted for the undergraduate courses.

– Raise periodic management reports to the next higher level.

– Develop other activities inherent to the functions of the Directorate conferred by the legal and complementary provisions that are assigned by the Dean.

The powers of the Admission Direction

  • To present to the Board of Directors the study programs of the different subjects to be evaluated, for their subsequent approval;
  • To propose to the Dean of the Faculty the Schedule of Activities of the CPGP and of the  entrance exam;
  • To propose to the Dean of the Faculty the appointment of the members of the Evaluation Committee;
  • Supervise the registration of applicants to the CPGP; activity that will be realized by the Perceptoría of the Faculty;
  • Propose the CPGP  and entrance exams tariffs,
  • Propose the fees of the professionals involved in the Admission System,
  • Organize and coordinate with the Academic Directorate the use of classrooms and physical spaces related to the activities of the course, as well as the entrance examination.

Brief Historical Review

The  Admission  Direction was created by Act No. 7 (S.L. 23/03/2012) RESOLUTION No. 0337-2012 in which the proposal for the creation of the Academic and Institutional Excellence and Admissions Directions was approved from the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the Universidad Nacional of Asunción.

Since that date, Prof. MSc. Eva Angélica Leiva de Coccian starting from the 1st period of 2012, performing her managerial duties in this unit.

In August 2012 (2nd Period 2012) the pre-university course for scholarship holders of the “Itaipu Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Bicentennial University of 2012” is implemented by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the FPTI-PY and FACEN.

In the second period of 2014, the new Admissions System is implemented, known as the Pre-University Course of Presential Degree (CPGP) by Act No. 05 (S.L. 07/03/2014) RESOLUTION No. 0204-2014. By which it is approved the Modification of the Regulation of Admission to the Degree Careers implemented in the Presential and Semi-Presential Modality of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the Universidad Nacional of Asunción.