Degree Qualifications Profile

The graduates from this program are professionals with mathematical training and pedagogical habilitation that dedicate to teaching in the various levels of the national educational system, especially in secondary school; and to designing and executing educational and research projects in different fields of expertise. They are capable of transmitting knowledge in their field, capable of applying mathematical models and techniques to the various disciplines of science, taking into account the state of the environment, conservation measures, human health, and the improvement of the use of natural resources, with the aim of improving the quality of living of all members of society, with a deep sense of ethics.

Overall goals

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Show sufficient mathematical knowledge for application to concrete situations.
  • Show expertise in the application of the scientific method.
  • Identify problems, assess them, and propose solutions.
  • Show critical awareness of the natural and social reality; at a regional, national, and global level.
  • Develop scientific research routinely and continuously, as a tool for the generation of biological knowledge.
  • Design, carry out, coordinate, and participate in research projects.
  • Transmit their scientific knowledge and experiences about their field.
  • Participate in educational tasks within their field of specialty.
  • Lead interdisciplinary teams in charge of the formulation, execution, and assessment of educational programs and projects related to their area of expertise.

Curriculum: plan_curricular_2010_Educ.matemática

Info and contact

Coordinator: Prof. MSc. Haida Carrera Otazo

Department of  Virtual Education
Mobile: 0985-541-909

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:00am to 8:00 pm