The curriculum of this program responds to the needs of an increasingly demanding consumption-oriented society, that demands high-quality education and training.

Degree Qualifications Profile

Graduates from this program are professionals dedicated to the study of mathematics, which is used in a myriad of human activities. They apply mathematical models and techniques in different fields of science.

They work as research advisors on subjects that include the application of mathematical or numerical methods. They deduce novel results based on the study of a given set of mathematical knowledge.

They solve problems related to the processing of numerical data, they determine and apply the most appropriate methods and techniques to solve problems related to the optimization and management of resources.

They can teach in secondary and tertiary education, once they have received further training in teaching methods. They can also produce teaching materials for mathematics courses for secondary and tertiary education.

Overall Goals

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Show sufficient statistical knowledge for application to concrete situations.
  • Promote mathematical research.
  • Participate in educational tasks within their field of specialty.
  • Transmit their scientific knowledge and experiences related to their field.

Curriculum: plan_estudios_2009_matemática

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