The Department of Biotechnology of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of Universidad Nacional de Asunción was created in December 2013 in order to generate coherent lines of research in which there take part members of the teacher’s body of the specialty to the effects of constructing a solid and prestigious professional identity that responds to the expectations and the existing requests of the different academic groups and of the market.


Manage and coordinate the academic activities of graduate and postgraduate courses, research, university extension and administration activities inherent to the Department of Biotechnology.


– Submit for consideration of the Faculty Council, through the deanery, the annual planning of teaching, research and extension activities.

– Organize, program, execute and evaluate the teaching affecting the area of Biotechnology for each academic year, in accordance with the curricula.

– Organize and develop specialization, updating and post-graduate courses in the area of Biotechnology.

– Organize and develop research and extension activities in the area of Biotechnology.

-To permanently promote the scientific and pedagogical updating of its members.


Coordination of Degree in Biotechnology, Coordination of University Extension in Biotechnology and Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology.


– To manage the Degree in Biotechnology and within this one the specialistic subjects in terms of periods of the academic year and teaching performance.

– Manage the implementation of University Extension activities related to Biotechnology.

– Organization of updating courses and training for professionals dedicated to the different aspects of Biotechnology.

 – Administration of the Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology in terms of the performance of the Manager, provision of inputs and equipment necessary for the accomplishment of practical classes of the Degree and in general of tests concerning Molecular Biotechnology.

 – Evaluation and updating of the curricular grid of the Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and projects of postgraduate programs.