On July 17, 1969, at the session of the Honorable University Superior Council, was approved the creation of the Instituto de Ciencias Básicas (ICB), which was under the supervision of the Universidad Nacional of Asunción. The ICB  was inaugurated on September 26, 1972, and offered the  Degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology.

By Resolution No. 1750/84 dated October 23, Prof. Dr. Dionisio González Torres, Rector of the Universidad Nacional of Asunción, in the exercise of his legal attributions resolved to create the Department of Geology at the ICB.


– Investigate the planet earth in a scientific way.- Learn how to maintain and care for renewable and non-renewable resources.- Favor the best use of the resources of the planet.- To train qualified geologists for the efficient performance of the research works, scientific technique, in addition in the field of teaching.- Promote the knowledge and importance of the participation of Geology at national level.- To carry out University Extension to the communities in order to inform them of the economic preponderance and the inherent risks to health that represent some geological activities, through informative talks.


-Submit for consideration of the Faculty Council, through the deanery, the annual planning of teaching, research and extension activities.

– Organize and develop courses of specialization, updating and postgraduate in the area of ​​Geology.

– Propose to the Dean the assignment of teachers for the subjects of the Department.

– Ensure compliance with the provisions of the competent authorities of the Institution.

– Supervise the normal development of the academic and administrative activities inherent to the Department of Geology.


– Laboratory of Mineralogy and Petrology.

– Laboratory of General Geology and its applications.

– Laboratory of Paleontology and Sedimentology.

Director Prof. Dra. Ana María Castillo Clerici ana.clerici2@gmail.com
Coordinator of career Prof. Lic. Luis Arnaldo García Martínez lugarcia2004@yahoo.com
University Extension Coordinator  Prof. Lic. Ana Elizabeth Godoy Araña annaliz@gmail.com
Coordination of postgraduate and research Prof. Lic. Sonia Mabel Molinas Ruíz Diaz geosonia_molinas@hotmail.com / geosoniamolinas785@gmail.com


– Develop classes normally.

– Perform field trips.

– Participation in the activities of University Extension.

 – Provide services to the community.

 – Participate in the role of advisor and / or juror in scientific sessions carried out by institutions of middle level education.