The Department of Mathematics is a unit of the FACEN dedicated to the teaching of Pure Mathematics. It also provides services to other departments to teach subjects in different areas of Mathematics. The Department has graduated professors with titles of  graduate, masters and a Dr. in Mathematics, besides professors denominated heads of practical works, who makes academic advises to the students of the different careers of the FACEN.


Manage and coordinate the academic activites of graduate and postgraduate courses, research, univierty extension and administration activities inherent ot the Department of Mathematics.


– Submit for consideration of the Faculty Council, through the deanery, the annual planning of teaching, research and extension activities.

– Organize program, execute and evaluate the teaching affecting the area of Mathematics for each academic year, in accordance with the curricula.

– Organize and develop specialization, updating and post-graduate courses in the area of Mathematics.

– Organize and develop research and extension activities in the area of Mathematics.

– To permanently promote the scientific and pedagogical updating of its members.


– Coordination of Bachelor of Science Pure Mathematical Mention.

– Coordination of Postgraduate and research in Mathematics.

– Coordination of Pure Mathematics’ University Extension.

Director Prof. MSc. Herenia Alonso Arévalos
Coordinator of career Prof. MSc. Edgar López Pezoa
University Extension Coordinator  Prof. MSc. Sabino Acosta Delvalle
Coordination of postgraduate and research Prof. MSc. Gustavo Adolfo González Armoa


– Informative and advisory meetings with teachers and students.

– Support courses for  undergraduate students at the FACEN.

– Updating and leveling postgraduate courses.

– Extracurricular courses, conferences, career promotions.

– Follow-up of students of Pure Mathematics.

– Annual fellowship meeting with students of Pure Mathematics.