The Department of Physics of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales of the Universidad Nacional of Asuncion, is part of the Organic, Administrative and Academic Structure, according to the organization chart of the institution approved by Resolution Nº 672-2013.


Manage and coordinate the academic activities of graduate and postgraduate courses, research, university extension and administration activities inherent to the Department of Physics.


– Submit for consideration of the Faculty Council, through the deanery, the annual planning of teaching, research and extension activities.

– Organize, program, execute and evaluate the teaching affecting the area of Physics for each academic year, in accordance with the curricula.

– Organize and develop specialization, updating and post-graduate courses in the area of Physics.

– Organize and develop research and extension activities in the area of Physics.

– To permanently promote the scientific and pedagogical updating of its members.


The Direction of the Department of Physics has a Coordination’s Degree and University Extension for the Bachelor in sciences Mention Physics; a Coordination’s Degree and University Extension for the Bachelor’s degree in Medical Physics; Coordination of post graduation and research and two secretaries. Also, managers of physics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism and optical laboratories depends to the Department.

Director Prof. Dr. Tomás Rolón Cabrera
Coordinator of Physics Lic. Luz María Ruis Díaz
University Extension Coordinator of Physics Lic. Diana Raquel Moré
Coordination of postgraduate and research of Physics Prof. MSc. María Luisa Idoyaga Navarro
Coordinator of Medical Physics Prof. MSc. Fredy Julián Gómez
University Extension Coordinator
of Medical Physics
Lic. Shirley Ramírez
Coordination of postgraduate and research of Medical Physics Lic. Oscar Velázquez