The management of the Production Technology Department is hierarchically dependent on the Dean of FACEN-UNA, supervises the coordination of the Degree in Production Technology, the Coordination of University Extension in Production Technology and the Coordination of Postgraduate and Research in Production Technology . Its nature is managerial.


-To direct and coordinate the academic activities of graduation and post-graduation, research, university extension and administrative inherent to the Department of Production Technology.


– Organize, program, execute and evaluate the teaching that affects the area of ​​Production Technology for each academic year and in accordance with the curricula.

– Organize and supervise specialization, updating and post-graduate courses.

– Organize and supervise academic, research and extension activities, interact with teachers, students and graduates of the careers in charge of the Department.

– Ask companies and institutions to open up for students to do internships.

– Participation in university extension activities, field trips, technical visits and study trips.


– Coordination of the career of Production Technology.

– Coordination of University Extension.

– Coordination Postgraduate and Research.

– Coordination of the Production Technology in semipresencial form.

– Secretariat of the Department.

Director Prof.Lic Adalberto Antonio Oviedo Riveros
Coordinator of career Prof.Lic.Martina Benítez Paredes
University Extension Coordinator  Prof.MSc.María Luz Valiente de Ángulo
Coordination of postgraduate and research MSc. Cesar Augusto González


– The new degree in Logistics and Transport Management.

– Launching of the mixed mode of the Career of Production Technology.

– Summer courses from the year 2013 – 2015.

Heads of Practical Work

The department counts on professionals destined to the pedagogical support in relation to practical works of the subjects and they are distributed according to the areas.

Management Johana María GaleanoEvelyn Karina Gamarra
Administration Guillermo Ramón RiverosWilma Concepción Ferreira
Production Silvia Elizabeth Zárate EcheverríaDiana Mabel Villamayor

Coordinator of career (modality semipresencial)

Lic. Edgar Celso Cárdenas González


Secretary of the Department