It is a managerial unit that depends hierarchically of the Dean, in charge of the implementation of the management in academic administration.


Implement a management style focused on academic management by objectives, with periodic processes to evaluate the fulfillment of the planned goals formulated in the plans.


– Conduct a survey and an analysis of the current regulations related to the functions assigned to each academic unit.

– Design the preparation of a Strategic Plan and an Annual Operational Plan for each academic unit.

– Design and implement a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the internal processes of each academic unit.

– Provide the institution’s authorities with relevant information and advise them on the implementation of institutional development plans.

– Advice the Council, the Dean of the Faculty and the directors of the different units in aspects related to their competence.


– Social Responsibility Program

– Workshop of elaboration of Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI), period 2010 – 2015, of the FACEN.

– Integration of working group to formulate the Strategic Plan of the National University of Asunción 2016 – 2020.