The Direction of postgraduate courses was created by Resolution No. 390-2011 of 08/04/2011 of the Directing Council of the FACEN. It is in charge of supporting the courses and postgraduate activities of the FACEN and its relation with the General Direction of Postgraduate of the Rectorate. The current Director is Prof. MSc. Viviana Isabel Diaz Escobar, who has been in the position since the creation of the same.

As important information, it is pointed out that all the specialization and Master’s courses held at FACEN have been dictated in their entirety by foreign teachers referring in their respective areas, coming from prestigious universities in America and Europe that have provided an excellent level to this courses.

Likewise, the examiners that were in charge of the evaluation of the dissertation and defense of the Master Theses of the FACEN have been foreign teachers and representatives of the General Postgraduate Office of the Rectorate of the UNA, and also teachers of the institution, thereby guaranteeing transparency and quality in such acts.


– To promote postgraduate courses and activities in collaboration with the different departments of the Faculty, associations of university graduates, private companies, public institutions, universities and other organizations linked to the economic and social activities of the country and abroad, within the framework of the purposes of the FACEN.

– To transfer to society the benefits of scientific and technological knowledge through postgraduate activities and courses required by national and international society.


– Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operation of postgraduate activities and courses, in accordance with policies, guidelines, plans and programs, issued by the higher and competent authorities of the FACEN.

– Orient and support the development of activities and postgraduate courses, in coordination with the departments of the Faculty, in accordance with the policies established by the FACEN.

– Provide support to the coordinators of postgraduate courses and activities related to management in academic, technical and administrative matters.

– To investigate in this regard institutions, international organizations and other entities oriented to the activities and postgraduate courses in order to establish mechanisms of permanent communication or for the conclusion of bilateral agreements of support and exchange.

– Analyze the activities and postgraduate courses developed by educational institutions and international organizations in order to study the results of their experiences and evaluate their possible application to the context of the FACEN.

– To work in a coordinated and harmonious manner with the Research, University Extension and Service Directorates in order to develop lines of action aimed at achieving the proposed institutional objectives.

Evolution of Postgraduate activities

The postgraduate courses of the FACEN are organized by the different departments and supported by the Postgraduate Direction.

FACEN has started its activities at the postgraduate level in 2006 with the courses of Specialization and Masters in Mathematics and Hydrogeology. In the same context, in 2008, two other specialization and masters courses were enabled: Biological Sciences, Biology of Conservation and Environmental Physicochemistry.

In 2009 the courses of specialization and masters in: Statistics, Production Engineering with emphasis in Organizational Intelligence and Physical Sciences of the Radiation Protection were enabled. In the same year the first defense of Thesis of Master of the institution was realized.

The following year, the courses of specialization and masters were developed in: Hydrogeology, Statistics and Mathematics; corresponding to the second promotion of each of them.

In 2011 began the courses of specialization and masters in: Physicochemistry with emphasis in Environmental Physicochemistry and Biological Sciences Mention Biodiversity and Systematics. In March of the same year, the Postgraduate Course of Training in University Teaching was started in the presential mode; It is addressed to graduates of the FACEN and other faculties. This course has been developing until today. Courses start in March and August of each year.

Subsequently, in 2012, classes began in the Specialization and Master’s Degree in Statistics and Methodology of Basic and Applied Scientific Research. In 2013 the courses of Specialization and Master’s Degree have been developed in: Applied Mathematics and Production Engineering with emphasis in Production Systems.

In the year 2014 has begun the course of Specialization and Master in Physical Sciences. In August of the same year, it also started the Post-qualification course in University Didactics in the semi presential mode.

Also, in 2014, the general guidelines for doctoral courses have been established for being carried out in the FACEN and have been distributed to the different departments.

In the year 2015 have started the classes corresponding to the courses of Specialization and Mastery in: Organic Chemistry with emphasis in Medicinal Phytochemistry and Synthetic Bioactives, and Biological Sciences Mention Conservation Biology.

In this way, FACEN has carried out a total of eighteen Specialization and Master’s courses, in the period 2006-2015. In terms of postgraduate courses, it has carried out eighteen courses in the presential modality and two courses in the semi presential mode, from March 2011 to June 2015.

With regard to the number of graduates of postgraduate courses of Specialization and Masters of the FACEN, it is worth noting that there are a total of 246 Specialists and 107 Masters, in the period from September 2009 to October 2014.

With regard to the post-qualification courses in University Didactics, in the presential modality, from 2011 to 2014 there are a total of 514 graduates. On the other hand, in the semi presential mode, in June 2015, the first promotion of the same, with a total of 38 graduates, has been completed.