The university extension is considered, in the context of the National University, as one of the essential functions, which, together with research and academic area, constitute the basic pillars on which a model of a democratic and socially committed university is constructed. It permanents search for truth in pursuit of excellence.

Through the University Extension the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales seeks to transfer the benefits produced by the knowledge of the advances of the sciences and technologies, through the implementation of extracurricular training programs, social assistance, cultural and sports activities, thus promoting among University students to strengthen an awareness of responsibility and commitment to their environment.

In this context, the Direction of University Extension promotes university extension actions in collaboration with the department directors, university graduates, student representations before the Faculty Council and other organizations linked to the economic activities of the country.


– Promote university extension actions in collaboration with department directors, extension coordinators, trade union associations, student representations to the Faculty Council and other organizations linked to the country’s economic activities.

– Transfer to the community the benefits of scientific and technological knowledge, through the provision of services required by national and international society.


– Elaborate the annual operational plan, jointly with the coordinators of extension of the FACEN careers.

– Participate in the preparation of the preliminary draft annual budget concerning university extension.

– Make the annual report, according to the format of the General Direction of Extension of the Rectorate.

– Establish a liaison and establish mechanisms for communication and coordination with department directors, extension coordinators, laboratories, trade union associations, student representation before the Faculty Council, public and private organizations, and other organizations linked to the activities for the purposes of programming and organizing university extension events.

– Organize and carry out, jointly with the career extension coordinators, the events according to the established program, requesting the support of the departments, laboratories and student organizations and / or professionals and public or private entities.


Student well-being and the First Aid Room.


– Extension activities are carried out according to the annual operating plan approved by the Board of Directors and adjusted to the current university extension regulations.