The Governing Board of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales created LIAPA on the 5th of July of 1995, through the Resolution Nº 174. The Laboratory would perform measurements of physical environmental parameters, research, educational activities, and training of human resources related to climate change.

LIAPA performs research, processes data, advises students on their thesis research, and works on the popularization of scientific information related to the environment. The Faculty aims to propel the development of these fields of research in order to fulfill its goal of training a new generation of scientists that can study problems relevant to the country, considering that Earth Sciences include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and the human dimension.

By the end of 1992, Paraguay signed the agreement for the establishment of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) in Montevideo. The legislative branch approved the agreement for the creation of the IAL through the law Nº 918 of August 7th, 1996; and on the 27th of the same month and year the executive branch ratified the agreement.

The instruments of ratification of the agreement and the designation of FACEN as the local research institution for the IAI were sent to the OAS General Secretariat through Paraguay’s Permanent Mission to the OAS on the same date.

The fields of research of the laboratory are the following:

  • Atmospheric Physics (Ozone, UV-B radiation, etc.).
  • Global Change (Long-term chemical, biological, and physical processes or cycles of the Earth system that suffers continuous natural and anthropogenic alterations).
  • Environmental problems (pollution).

LIAPA currently has an approximate area of 80 m2. A measurement station, mainly of the following:

  • Surface ozone (with a Photometric Ozone Analyzer, Model 49/49-PS. TECO).
  • UV-B (with a UV Pyranometer. Model UVB-1 (Yankee Environmental Systems).
  • Other atmospheric parameters (pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, global radiation, etc.).


Name of the service Description of the service Resolution Nº Fee in Gs (per hour) Days when the service is available Contact (email)
Up to 149 Km From 150 km to 299 Km From 300 km
Determination of noise level Registry of decibel variation within a certain period of time 127-00-2013 Gs. 420,000  Gs. 820,000 Gs. 1,220,000 Monday to Friday (business days)
Determination of magnetic field level Registry of magnetic field intensity variation in milligauss. 127-00-2013 Gs. 490,000 Gs. 890,000 Gs. 1,290,000 Monday to Friday (business days)
Determination of suspended particulates Determination of fine and coarse dust 127-00-2013 Gs. 490,000 Gs. 890,000 Gs. 1,290,000 Monday to Friday (business days)
Determination of gas concentration levels For 5 gasses (SO2, H2S, O2, CH4,CO) 127-00-2013 Gs. 420,000 Gs. 820,000 Gs. 1,220,000 Monday to Friday (business days)


Contact: MSc. Gabriel Figueredo – Head of Laboratory


Address: Ruta Mcal. Estigarribia, Km 11, Campus Universitario UNA – San Lorenzo, Paraguay.

Phone: +59521-585602