FACEN’s regulations

Direct admission and transfer (in Spanish)
Code of ethics (in Spanish)
Environmental policy (in Spanish)
Academic regulations (in Spanish)

UNA’s regulations

UNA’s Status (in Spanish)
Resolution No. 06-00-2016, Act No. 4 (A.S. No. 4/24/08/2016) by which modifies the UNA’s status (in Spanish)
Progress of the study and adoption of the UNA’s Statute * (in Spanish)
The UNA’s policy (in Spanish)
General rules of postgraduate course (in Spanish)
Scholarship regulation (in Spanish)
General rules of University Extension (in Spanish)
Resolution No. 0740-00-2016, Act No. 20 of the Council Superior University, approves the regulation of presentation of monographs, articles and scientific research and books (in Spanish)

* Updated

General regulations

National Constitution (in Spanish)
Public Service Act (in Spanish)
Law of universities (in Spanish)
Higher education Act (in Spanish)